First Gig

Last summer, I had the opportunity to cover the event of Slovensko kemijsko društvo in Portoroz. And this was also my first photography gig – thing that I have never done at all in the past. In fact, I was still studying my camera few months before that. I have an old Nikon D5200 camera that was just staying in my drawer for many years and never really maximise the usage not until moving here in Slovenia in spring. I took the challenge and accepted to cover the event to test the water if I can do something that is outside my comfort zone. Being an introvert, I am not comfortable working with a lot or if being surrounded by people. Gladly, the event organizers allowed me and provided me with freedom to do the job based on my style and based on my creative output.

I was very nervous and anxious that during the first day, I almost cried. Nevertheless, I think I did the job pretty well! See some photos taken during the event including other photos taken last summer.

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